Our outstanding department provides students with an inspirational framework which allows girls to exercise their creativity, to explore literature and to develop their own voice.

66% of Creative Writing candidates  scored A* or A (33% scored A*) at A Level

Girls participate in Poems From The Priory, a scheme that encourages students to write and study poetry under expert tutelage. This year we welcomed former student Alexia Kirov, a Barbican Young Poet and Bristol University English student to the school to deliver workshops.

Girls receive all the help they need from our friendly and knowledgeable English teachers and in return, we expect them to work hard and commit to achieving their full potential.

Form III to Upper IV (Key Stage 3)
We study a wide variety of texts in order to ensure a well-rounded experience in English during these three years. Each text presents a slightly different style and an opportunity  to gain knowledge, understanding and learn new skills. We encourage all girls to read widely from an early age, to accelerate their depth of understanding and strengthen the foundation on which to build in Key Stage 4.

Our focus at this stage is to ensure girls are developing their reading and writing skills appropriately. We ensure that they are achieving an excellent level of comprehension and that their basic spelling and grammatical skills are consistently good. Pupils become familiar with a range of texts including narrative, drama and poetry. They will build on this knowledge by starting to think about their own opinions through extended work and summer projects.

The topics and themes that pupils study become increasingly complex. Students will progressively tackle more challenging tasks such as purposive writing. This will introduce them to the reasons behind writers’ choice of different styles and techniques, preparing for the next stage in their study of English.

Lower V to Upper V (Key Stage 4)
Commencing September 2015, St Augustine’s Priory will be teaching the new AQA English Language and English Literature specifications. These are engaging courses which strike a model balance between academic rigour and creativity. Both are full two year courses with exam-based assessments.

These two courses complement each other well, providing students with a broad range of transferable skills and a strong foundation on which to build in Key Stage 5.

Lower VI to Upper VI (Key Stage 5)
Commencing September 2015, St Augustine’s Priory will be teaching the new AQA English Literature A specification. This is an excellent course with rigorous academic demands and opportunities for creativity.  This is a full two year course with exam-based assessments.

Students will embrace an historicist approach to the study of literature, focusing on a range of poetry, prose and drama with shared themes. We explore the relationships which exist between texts and the context within which they are written, received and understood. Encouraging students to debate and challenge interpretations, developing their own informed opinions, will lead to a greater depth of understanding and a holistic view of English literature.