At St Augustine’s Priory we aim to develop knowledge and understanding of Catholicism for pupils of all faiths. We present pupils with the teachings of Jesus, mediated through the teaching of the Catholic Church. Pupils reflect on what it means to have faith and develop their own spiritual knowledge and understanding.

The Religious Education subject material reflects the three key elements of the Catholic faith:

That every human event is marked by the creative activity of God, who communicates goodness to all beings;
That the reality of sin limit and numb every person;
That the life and death and resurrection of Christ, communicated by the Holy Spirit, gives believers the hope of ‘fulfillment’

Other faiths are addressed in the context of Catholic teaching. A respectful and tolerant approach to other faiths is fundamental to our mission. We have girls of different faiths who actively participate in our liturgies and assemblies enriching the spiritual life of our School.

In order to deliver the Religious Education Curriculum Directory our Religious Studies syllabus for Foundation to Key Stage 1 is based on the ‘The Way, the Truth and the Life’ programme.

‘The Way, the Truth and the Life’ programme is also followed during Key Stage 2.

Form III to Upper IV (Key Stage 3)
We continue to deliver the Religious Education Curriculum Directory (RECD) through the use of the ‘People of God’ scheme of work. We find this enables the girls to develop a deeper understanding of the historical and theological issues studied.

Lower V to Upper V (Key Stage 4)
As  part of the core curriculum, every girl studies GCSE Religious Studies.

The Lower V (Year 10) girls are following the new AQA B specification, component 1: Catholic Christianity and in Upper V (Year 11) girls study Component 2: Perspectives on faith – Section A: Judaism and Section B: Religious, philosophical and ethical themes.

Priory 6 (Key Stage 5)
In Priory 6 students study the new Eduqas A Level specification. Component 1: Study of Religion – Christianity; Component 2: Philosophy of Religion; Component 3: Religion and Ethics.

Every student in the Sixth Form also follows a General RE course. Like all our courses in the RE Department, this is based on the Religious Education Curriculum Directory (RECD).

Extracurricular and Enrichment
The A Level students all attend Dr Peter Vardy’s ‘Candle Conferences’ in London, where prominent philosophers and theologians lecture on key issues from the specification.

A few Upper IV (Year 9) girls are invited to join our Three Faiths Forum school linking programme with Unity Girls High School.

Key Stage 3 students are given the opportunity to enter RE Today’s ‘Spirited Arts’ competition in the Summer Term.

Please click here to view the Westminster Diocese Inspection Report for 2016.